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2020 - Loblaw Digital

Auto Localization

Choosing a location is a required step for PC Express customers to shop online but causes unnecessary friction. Pre-selecting a location with auto-localization removed a major barrier and resulted in a significant increase in carts.

2020 - Loblaw Digital

Timeslot Selector

Launching a streamlined timeslot experience during a global pandemic meant rapidly responding to unprecedented use cases, but delivering significant customer value.

2019 - Freelance

ROH Cycling

After years of professional racing experience I joined Yuri Hrycaj in launching his personalized power based cycling coaching practice with a brand committed to energy, performance and racing spirit.

2019 - Loblaw Digital

Optimizing onboarding, aiding awareness and designing the digital gateway to improve customer acquistion for Loblaw’s online grocery platform.

2017 - Loblaw Digital

With a mass awareness campaign focused on product quality the brands first ever digital experience is a candid extension of the iconic brand.


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