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ROH cycling is the coaching practice of Yuri Hrycaj, former Ontario Provincial Road Race Champion, 2x Bronze medalist (2017-2018), and multiple race winner. From honing his experience growing up riding in Toronto, one of the least hospitable places to ride your bike, to racing professionally across North America on the UCI America Tour. Yuri is now applying his experience as a level 1 NCCP Cycling Coach and Training Peaks Level 2 Accredited Coach.

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Connect new athletes to a personalized training program

A one-to-one approach has enabled Yuri to successfully coach athletes for 8 years. However without a formalized brand presence, his services, unique experience and coaching philosophy were being communicated across a range of channels. In-person calls & appointments, emails and text-messaging made communicating his business with potential clients time consuming and hard to follow. Yuri wanted to develop a brand and web presence that could better help facilitate his initial interactions with new leads.

Brand platform

Riding or Hiding

Riding or Hiding is a cyclist's philosophy. There is a time and place for both. An athlete could be excelling in the breakaways, leading from the front and racing out in the open. Or they could be applying meticulous energy in the peloton and burning their matches in the final sprint. Race winners can come from the rider or the hider. The one thing that matters is athletes need to be riding when it counts. The rider and the hider are one and the same, applying talents in decisive moments.  

To Yuri, riding when it counts means helping take the guesswork out of training for his athletes.

Yuri offers individualized training programs matched closely to targeted race conditions, drawing from extensive professional racing experience on the bike and monitoring and analyzing data using the latest software. To Yuri, riding when it counts means helping take the guesswork out of training for his athletes. Yuri’s coaching trifecta of training, learning and improvement form the foundation of the brand platform. Connecting analytical data and outputs with actionable human insights from years of racing experience and training.


The bolt is a reference to the energy and effort measured by the power meter used by the athlete to track their progress. When set in motion it doubles as a metaphor for the crankset, the component that translates the cyclist's energy into forward motion.

Applying energy to human potential

High-impact photography paired with bold colours and expressive applied typography represent the energetic spirit of racing. Fractal graphics embody the power based data that is analyzed and interpreted to help the athlete improve during training and measure success.

Narrative content

I worked with Yuri to refine content to outline his practice, whilst also telling his own unique story and representing his personality. We explained the services and his process with analytical simplicity, but also provided narrative anecdotes from Yuri’s experience, showing how they specifically apply to his coaching practice. An overall intent to personalize the content mimics the experience Yuri provides in his individual consultations.

Easy comparison and simple actionable interactions

With services broken down into three distinct packages, potential clients can easily compare and contrast the level of coaching engagement they need at a glance. Each page has prominent CTA’s to give the clients easy ways to set up a consultation. With pay now buttons powered by Square Yuri can easily take payment directly for his initial consultation through a range of channels and continue to invoice his clients on a monthly basis through one platform.
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