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Toronto based product design lead.

Phone screen showing a pickup store confirmation dialog. A dark grey map of downtown Toronto is in the with two store location pins to the left of the phone screen.
2020 - Loblaw Digital

Auto Localization

Choosing a location is a required step for PC Express customers to shop online but causes unnecessary friction. Pre-selecting a location with auto-localization removed a major barrier and resulted in a significant increase in carts.

A phone screen displays the timeslot selector for PC Express with the available times for July 13th date. The background behind the phone screen displays a man loading groceries into the back of a car
2020 - Loblaw Digital

Timeslot Selector

Launching a streamlined timeslot experience during a global pandemic meant rapidly responding to unprecedented use cases, but delivering significant customer value.

A green duo-tone image features a cyclist racing in the background. The ROH logo is overplayed over the top of the photo
2019 - Freelance

ROH Cycling

After years of professional racing experience I joined Yuri Hrycaj in launching his personalized power based cycling coaching practice with a brand committed to energy, performance and racing spirit.

A phone screen shows the homepage of the PC Express website. In the background is an image of a hand holding a glass of water surrounded by plates of vegetables, potato chips and oranges on a vibrant blue table.
2019 - Loblaw Digital

Optimizing onboarding, aiding awareness and designing the digital gateway to improve customer acquistion for Loblaw’s online grocery platform.

The noname logo and black text reading Case Study is featured on a bright yellow background
2017 - Loblaw Digital

With a mass awareness campaign focused on product quality the brands first ever digital experience is a candid extension of the iconic brand.

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Do great work, be great to work with.

I’m currently Product Design Lead at Loblaw Digital for the front-end platform team.

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